Logistics Company Accelerates Growth and Maintains Competitivevess

Logistics Company Accelerates Tracking Success After Implementing Postek C200e

As a leading logistics company servicing customers with  ground freight, air freight, warehousing and distribution throughout China, Deppon Express's stated mission is to "Accelerate China.” With substained growth since the company's inception in 1996, they saught better ways to provide service while growing in market share.  The company's reported annual growth of 60% has been a noteworthy accomplishment recognized year after year with national awards and articles. Today, Deppon Express serves over 550 cities and regions across China with more than 100 branches and sales offices. However, to maintain the competitive advantage they have been working diligently to achieve,  Deppon realized the need to enhance internal processes through effective investment and use of technology.

Business Issue

The emergence of wireless technology and the abundance of information available at the touch of a few key strokes have driven customers'service expectations to an all-time high. Consumers seeking shipping services are now accustom to, and expect, tracking information to be readily available. 

Armed with a thorough assessment of industry trends, customer expectations and strategic technology requirements, Deppon Express placed top priorities on the development of their network. Through partnering with a top software developer and hardware supplier, the company set out to form a uniform information management platform to assure network access, accelerate response time, and enhance efficiency and accuracy of logistics information through automation.

Logistics, an information rich industry, requires data collection, recording, and retrieval from the supplier, the service provider, and the receiver as goods are processed and transported to their final destinations. In fact, the logistics industry critically relies on barcode technology, such as thermal transfer printers and data collection scanners for asset tracking at every stage of the process.

Thermal transfer barcode label printers provide the means to print very crisp barcodes. Each dot of a printed image is square, not round, which results in the very straight lines or edges inherient in a barcode used for embedding information. This crisp image is a necessity if information needs to be scanned for retrieval later. Therefore, incorporating thermal transfer printing technology reduces operation costs and increases information accuracy. Another enormous benefit is realized from the ensuing process standardizations this technology facilitates. For order submission, loading, unloading, transportation and delivery, standardized processes ultimately accelerate the completion of operational procedures.




Core  products: 

Solution  benefits: 

 Deppon Express Co., Ltd.

 Logistics (Ground and Air Freight, Warehousing, and Distribution)

 Implementation of Thermal Transfer Printing Technology, promoting efficiencies for operations and information tracking.

 C200e, compact barcode printers.

·By incorporating and networking the C200e Deppon standardized their labeling processes, improved information accuracy and quickened processing time.

·C200e, fitted with both Transmissive and Reflective media sensors, enables compatibility with a wide-range of label brands; no label waste occurred and printers may be utilized for various applications.

·C200e heat transfer design results in printers enhanced durability and minimal downtime.

Due to the needs of training a significant number of employees, the C200e offered intuitive functionality for quick start-up. Features include 3 function buttons, 3 LEDs, and DIP switches.


Implementing a networked information system is vital to any logistics transportation company wishing to provide comprehensive service. Working with an experienced systems integrator, Deppon first determined their areas of opportunity, where technology gaps prevented effencies, and then established a strategic plan for technology investment. One critical success factor identified by Deppon was to secure a bar code printer solution with network capabilities to produce standardized lables throughout the company.  The selected printers needed to be strong and reliable, to deliver qualtiy output with constant usage ― technology they could count on and grow with.

Deppon announced their criteria and opened biding to suppliers.  After selecting a few strong contenders, Deppon performed on-site tests and scrutinized the technical support and services offered from each supplier. Among those tested, Postek was awarded a contract with Deppon based on the performance of the Postek C200e as well as ongoing technical support services. The Postek C200e, a small footprint 200dpi thermal transfer printer with built-in Ethernet for networking capabilities, fulfilled Deppon’s requirements for a system-wide barcode printing solution. 

After the award was announced, Deppon project technicians noted: "Postek printers guarantee fast printing speed while delivering high definition outputs and the printer was tailored to our practical applications."  When cargo is received, delivery information is input and a waybill is generated. At this point, package labels are printed.  The printing speed and output quality is critically important in order to achieve the standards Deppon strives for.  Overall, the C200e printer's ability to output to Deppon’s standardizations, as well as the printer's durability and consistency became the deciding factors.

Deppon undertook major initiatives to boost its development and dedicated investment in modern technology resulting in the implementation of the C200e.  The company has already realized greater efficiencies and the ability to provide tracking information customers expect.


·Small Footprint

·Large Capacity Ribbon  

·Ethernet (Networking) Capability

·Duel (Transmissive and Reflective) Media Sensors

·Intuitive Operations with 3 Function Buttons + 3 LEDs + DIP Switches

·Up to 4 ips (101.6 mm/sec.)

About Postek

From the Company‘s inception in 1998, Postek has listened to customer needs and has focused on R&D to provide right solutions. The result: Postek has become a leading barcode manufacturer producing top of class high-performing printers with little to no maintenance needs, wide media choices, and ultra easy operations. 

Postek barcode printers have become the optimal choice for many corporations in such diverse fields as apparel, logistics, retail, healthcare and supply chain management, as well as government agencies such as postal services and libraries.

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