Postek Aligns with Yonyou U8 on Information Management

Postek officially partnered with Yonyou, and will provide Yonyou users with authorized print solutions. Now Postek is seemlessly compatible with Yonyou ERP Software, which means Yonyou users can connect to all types of Postek printers through U8.

Organizations recognize that effective information management promotes business faster and easier with accuracy and high efficiency. However, enterprises fail to achieve information management for the lack of systematic and effective solutions.

In response to the business operations gap, Postek, an infamous Chinese barcode printer brand achieving the first national high-tech enterprise in automatic identification field, joins hands with the most influential business management software and service provider, Yonyou. This powerful combination of Postek and Yonyou is aimed at helping small and medium-sized enterprises realize information management, reduce operational costs and risks, and improve business efficiency.Through combined testing, Postek's barcode printers are completely compatible with the newest Yonyou U8 software. In light of this integration, management solutions combining information and barcodes will soon be available to the marketplace.

Since being established in 1998, Postek incorporated its philosophy of exquisite design and durable machinery to build its world-renowned brand. Meanwhile, over the past 10 years, Yonyou U8 software continuously meets the needs of customers by providing a full set of enterprise-grade solutions and promoting the development of small and medium-sized companies.

The colaboration between Postek and Yonyou proves that both companies are dedicated to providing professional, standardized, quality products, solutions and consulting services to improve business management, and encourage profitable performance and competitiveness of domestic companies. Postek and Yonyou will explore the innovative combined information-barcode management model and take advantage of their technological superiority in automatic identification and barcode and management software. This new innovation of incomparable information management products and services will build new momentum in the manufacturing industry in south China, and throughout the entire nation.

About Postek:

Postek Electronics Co., Ltd. established in 1998 in Shenzhen, China and has since earned the reputation of producing outstanding, long lasting thermal products. With dedicated focus to incorporating innovation and durable designs into all of their thermal printers, the company has secured several national Chinese patents as well as consumer loyalty. Based upon its in-depth knowledge of diverse industry needs, Postek continues to engineer high-performance thermal printers meeting the ever-evolving demands for solution-driven AIDC products. Prevailing in the philosophies that have built its brand — value management, a pioneering spirit, rugged parts strengthening durable quality designs, and a win-win approach, the company is confident in its continual growth and success, bringing only top quality and long lasting durable thermal printer products to the global market.

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