"E-Hospital System" equipment for hospital patient's DIY services --- technology innovation promotes the information management of medical reform


Being the medical institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Ruijin Hospital is one of the top, first class general hospitals in Shanghai, and has successfully built an online patient service management tool leading the "digital hospital" development in China.  

Their health information system project officially launched in April of this year and took priority in Shanghai medical reform development. Many hospitals in Shanghai, including Ruijin have adopted the "E-Hospital System", a one-stop service where a patient can easily reserve equipment,, register, and pay fees. Thirty-four first class general hospitals in Shanghai will adopt "E-Hospital System" for their one-stop service to patients. 

"E-Hospital System" Project

Ruijin Hospital is the first one in the Shanghai medical industry to adopt "E-Hospital System" for one-stop patient services, which greatly improved the efficiency and accuracy in the hospital's daily management and medical care services.    

POSTEK was finally chosen as the exclusive "E-Hospital System" hardware supplier. POSTEK was an active contributor supporting printing requirements for the equipment with the best cost performance, exemplary technology service, and stable operational performance.  

"E-Hospital System" equipment is used for charging patient fees and receipt printing in a one-stop patient service.

"E-Hospital System" equipment is now  available in the service area of the lobby and every floor of the hospital. This greatly improves the efficiency for patient registration and effectively prevents potential mistakes in registering by hand.

POSTEK G Series label printers are used to support printing registration materials and other receipts as part of "E-Hospital System" equipment. POSTEK G Series has overcome the most complicated technology difficulties for the entire "E-Hospital System", and also supports a smart self test and immediate data feedback functions. With these 2 important functions, it remarkably improved the working efficiency and patient service in the hospital.

It is a successful experience for information management of medical reform at Ruijin Hospital. By the end of 2014, all public hospitals of Shanghai will adopt "E-Hospital System" equipment to one-stop service integrating with reservations, registration and collecting fees.  


"E-Hospital System" offers an information sharing platform for more efficient and better patient services.

With the "E-Hospital System" service, Ruijin Hospital establishes an information tool for on-line communication between the patient and the hospital. At the same time, it offers online reservations, onsite registration, and collecting fees in a one-stop patient service in the hospital.

"E-Hospital System" greatly improves working efficiency and hospital management.

Being the biggest medical institute of Shanghai, so far more than 40% patients of Ruijin Hospital are using the "E-Hospital System" service.

By calculation,  the "E-Hospital System" saves an average of 30 minutesfor registration and charging fees . Concurrently, it effectively improves the hospital manpower management by reducing registration stafffrom 17 on shift down to 12 on shift.

POSTEK G Series label printers are widely used to support printing of "E-Hospital System" equipment; and the hospital can instantly control the printing operation of "E-Hospital System".  POSTEK G Series label printers are easily maintained with a smart test for receipts and printing problems. POSTEK earned a high reputation from Ruijin Hospital for its ease of use and durable quality.


Postek Electronics Co., Ltd. established in 1998 in Shenzhen, China.  Since the company's inception, it has earned the reputation of producing durable thermal /RFID products with exceptional quality.      

For the last 15 years of development, POSTEK strives to become the best choice for barcode & RFID printers for global customers, and has earned more than 20 awards on product design and technology innovation from the national government.  

Postek barcode printers have become the optimal choice for many corporations in such diverse fields as apparel, logistics, retail, healthcare and supply chain management, as well as government agencies such as postal services and libraries.

Currently, POSTEK is a leading barcode & RFID company of China and playing a significant role in barcode information management development.

About the Ruijin Hospital

Established in 1907, the Ruijin Hospital is the biggest general hospital in Shanghai thus far. Ruijin Hospital is the medical institute center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and is also in the TOP 100 general hospitals in China integrating with the medicine research institute and medical college functions. There are 34 clinical sections, 9 medical research institutes, 11 labs, 3 clinical medical centers, and 8 national clinical medicine bases in Ruijin Hospital  abounding with world famous, well-experienced experts in medical industry. 

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