Haiqi Implements Postek I-Series to Achieve Better Ticketing Service

Hainan Haiqi Transportation Group Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise with more than 60 years experience in the road transportation service industry. Its integrated road transport network encompasses 15 cities and regions across China; each year over 33 million passengers rely on Haiqi transportation to reach their destinations. Other well known brands, such as Haiqi MPV, Haiqi Express Service and Haiqi Tourism are also part of the Haiqi Group, a family of brands, and further testify to the vast achievements and popularity of the Haiqi brand image and name.

An essential component of transportation services is the management of the ticketing system. Passenger and destination information must be captured using a ticketing management system, and Haiqi realized that incorporating a well-managed system was crucial if it wanted to offer exceptional and reliable ticketing services. 

Business Issue

Haiqi had implemented barcode technology for printing passenger tickets; however, as passenger capacity increased, several issues emerged with the printers initially selected for this need. The printhead, a wearable part of the printer that is fairly costly to replace, wore out easily.  Furthermore, printing performance was not always consistent, some labels skipped, and the quality of the printed ticket was often poor.

Haiqi recognized an urgent need to improve the ticket printing system by employing better quality thermal printers that would be able to handle the extreme high volume of printing required while maintaining optimal quality. 


After inviting a few select and reputable venders to propose solutions, and after completing a due diligence process to carefully select the best qualified vendor, Haiqi appointed Postek as a thermal printer supplier.  In particular, Haiqi was attracted to the Postek I-Series thermal printer, an industrial printer model known for outstanding durability, performance and ease-of-use. 

The I-Series thermal printers provide Haiqi the ability to link the printers to computers at ticket windows, without needing to install the printer's driver, enabling an easy and quick set-up.  And, since the I-Series is designed to report low consumables on the LED screen, employees are alerted when it is time to replace them.  With precise positioning of the printer's media sensor, the I-Series delivers consistent and clear printouts, thereby greatly enhancing the readability of the ticket and alleviating passenger questions about the details of their tickets.  Labels no longer skip with the I-Series printer, and ticket reporting is simplified due to the printer's ability to display the total quantity of printed tickets on the LED screen in real time.

Another benefit to Haiqi after the implementation the I-Series printers is the financial savings due to reduced printer maintenance.  The printer's all metal construction, patented printing mechanics and reliable electronics minimize printer downtime and maintenance requirements.

About Postek:

Postek Electronics Co., Ltd. established in 1998 and has earned the reputation of a highly reliable barcode label printer manufacturer incorporating cutting edge technology and strengthened by several national Chinese patents. Based upon its in-depth knowledge of diverse industry needs, Postek has engineered high-performance products in portable, compact, general purpose, and industrial footprints.  Postek printers are largely applied in industries such as manufacturing, logistics and transportation, warehousing, asset management, medical care, food safety, tourism, and military equipment. Having successfully attained a significant market share of the domestic Chinese market, Postek is now poised to build upon earlier successes in overseas markets. For more information about Postek and the wide assortment of label printers they offer, please visit (China), or (U.S.)

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