Postek customizes a logistic information resolution for Yuxin Logistics

Client: Yuxin Logistics

Industry: Logistics and Transportation Industry

Since its inception in 2003, Henan Yuxin (Group) Logistic limited (Yuxin Logistics) is now managing 9 branch offices, 1 joint company, 9 distribution centers, 455 service networks, over 900 delivery vehicles, and a 400,000 sqm warehouse. Its service covers the vast Central and Western China areas and has modernized logistics  by integrating services of business, information, capital and salary.

With the development of the economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards in China, in turn, there is more demand on logistics and transportation services. Furthermore,  the evolution of advanced network infrastructures, Cloud computing, and the capacity of the Internet has contributed significantly to the development of China’s intelligent logistics and transportation.

As one of the pioneering logistic companies in China, Yuxin Logistics carried out integration and upgraded its logistics informatization management in 2012, and completed in August of 2013. During the process of upgrade and optimization of the warehouse management system in all of its sorting centers and outlets, Yuxin Logistics adopted Postek label printers to fulfill the information management system.

Barcode label equipment is become very popular in the logistics industry. Postek, a well- known brand for barcode label printers, with reliable equipment and quick response services, is now selected to serve most logistics companies in China creating efficiencies in their logistic management.

Postek anticipates more market share in AutoID equipment application in Logistic industry

China is now becoming the largest market for AutoID equipment in the Asia-Pacific area, while Logistics and Transportation are estimated to be the most promising industries for AutoID equipments. In the next 5 years, E-commerce companies will invest more in the information system for their logistic and distribution centers, hence bringing a boost of barcode equipment to the logistic industry.

The attractive business opportunity stimulated AutoID equipment manufacturers for the research, development and marketing of their products. Among AutoID technology, barcode and RFID technology are highly reliable and effective to meet the requirement of logistics and transportation to ensure fast and accurate operations.

Postek customizes a logistic information resolution for Yuxin Logistics

As a modern logistics company, which means high proficiency, lowered cost, and customer's satisfaction, Yuxin Logistics requires more on its supplier of logistic information resolution. Postek worked closely with Yuxin Logistics, studied the company's real situation and finally customized a private resolution. Postek's solution met their special requirements of dust proof, condensation-preventing and normal work functionality under a low temperature environment. Furthermore, the trust-worthy Postek thermal printhead guarantees mass printing with reduced deterioration, hence lowering  maintenance costs.

Barcodes application helped the company to improve the proficiency of their information management system and enhanced their competitive advantages.

About Postek

From the Company's inception in 1998, Postek has listened to customer needs and has focused on R&D to provide right solutions. The result: Postek has become a leading barcode manufacturer producing top of class, high-performing printers with little to no maintenance needs, wide media choices, and ultra easy operations. 

Postek barcode printers have become the optimal choice for many corporations in such diverse fields as apparel, logistics, retail, healthcare and supply chain management, as well as government agencies such as postal services and libraries.

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