Postek facilitates food safety traceability

Shandong Agriculture Technology 110 integrated an agricultural safety information service platform

Today, with the development of the global economy, food safety has become dramatically highlighted. Food safety related accidents are rising and the newly emerged problems challenge us with abuse of chemicals in food processing. The risk of food borne diseases is now threatening and among the most concerned problems in the world. To improve matters in a positive way, controlling food sources is essential, and thus gives birth to the traceability of food resources.

Postek barcode label printers are helping this effort. Food is labeled with complete information for future reference and enables the traceability on its whole life cycle from its growth to ready-for-sale. 

Construction of food safety traceability system

When food safety tracing was encouraged nationwide, the Agriculture Department of the Shandong province was the first to implement a modern agriculture management system. The agriculture products quality control and tracing project by Agriculture Technology 110 integrated an information service platform playing an important role in quality control of fruit and vegetables in the Shandong province. The implementation of the project encouraged the standardization of food processing and the construction of a monitoring and tracing system.

The project takes advantage of 3G information technology and internet platform, composed by both a hardware system and a software system including a provincial information center, barcode label printers in rural cooperatives, and portable data collectors for on-farm correspondents. The rural cooperatives, on-farm correspondents, and farmers were coordinated to ensure the entire process was under control. Each single article can be traced by its 2D barcode label with the necessary information, including its production place, production date, shelf life, quality standard, etc. The label is the identity of the vegetables and fruits in those authentic vegetable markets or supermarkets. To be exact, the label on an apple includes information such as its original farm, fertilization, the wholesaler for its collection, and the reseller for its sales.

Postek industrial barcode label printer meets the requirements of the project with its high definition outputs, stable and trust-worthy performance, as well as professional and effective services and support. POSTEK plays a crucial role in advancing the construction of a food safety system nationwide.

POSTEK barcode printer boosts food safety traceability

As a pioneering native enterprise, Postek has been focused on the barcode printer for more than 15 years, incorporating cutting edge technology, and strengthened by several national Chinese patents. Postek barcode printers have earned a reputation for excellent performance, reliability, speed of printing, user friendliness, and ease of maintenance. Postek printers guaranteed the credible hardware for this project, boosting industry information development, and ultimately contributed to reducing the food safety problem.

Application in planting:  Labels for seeds consisting of information such as pesticides andfertilizer were printed out by Postek label printers; and then seeds with these labels were distributed to farmers for planting.

Application in farmland base: the amount of pesticide and fertilizer being used and the applied date were reported by farmers to on-farm operators for recording. Prior to the vegetable and fruit going into market, they will be pasted with a label including the above mentioned information, enabling the traceability of the food from growing to being ready for sales. 

Application in quality inspection: the quality inspector makes record of the growth on farms with a portable data collector. In case any vegetable or fruit in the market is known to have a safety problem, the barcodes on the package will provide the necessary information to track its origin.  

Currently, there are 5 influential projects related to traceability of food safety in China. POSTEK barcode label printers played an important role in the construction of a food quality and safety monitoring platform by offering the trust-worthy hardware for the system. Postek, the innovative local brand, will play an active role in breaking foreign technical barriers during the development of food industry information.

About Postek

From the Company's inception in 1998, Postek has listened to customer needs and has focused on R&D to provide right solutions. The result: Postek has become a leading barcode manufacturer producing top of class, high-performing printers with little to no maintenance needs, wide media choices, and ultra easy operations. 

Postek barcode printers have become the optimal choice for many corporations in such diverse fields as apparel, logistics, retail, healthcare and supply chain management, as well as government agencies such as postal services and libraries.

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