Upgrading a barcode information system for better service in the hospital


The medicine industry is growing so rapidly in China, and many medical infrastructures and equipment are facing unbearable pressure to adapt and advance.

Information technology (IT) is becoming more and more important with the reform development in the hospital and medical industry. Hence, IT is playing an imperative role to embody hospital management, medical service quality, and work efficiency.

Peking Union Medical College Hospital is one of the earliest hospitals to utilize information technology for comprehensive daily management.

Over the past few years of IT management, the hospital-information-system has been put into practice successfully in Peking Union Medical College Hospital.      

With advanced information technology and barcode management, it greatly improves the working efficiency of different departments in the hospital, while guaranteeing the best information-sharing of different parts of the hospital. Patient information is available to every necessary division whenever they need to use it, allowing the highest working efficiency, best patience service and preventing unnecessary medical problems.

Status and Challenge:

Peking Union Medical College Hospital is one of best hospitals in China integrating professional medical treatment with training and research. It is also the earliest hospital to successfully adopt a hospital-information-system for effective, comprehensive daily management.

Previously, the hospital's barcode management system was supported by an overseas brand of barcode label printers. With years of barcode management experience, in 2011 Peking Union Medical College Hospital decided to update the old barcode system to the advanced barcode management platform offered by POSTEK. POSTEK, a Chinese barcode label printer brand finally won the business of the hospital after satisfying many stringent tests of durability and quality to prove their exemplary technology.   

Barcode Management Solution:

Barcode information management greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of daily work in the hospital with less medical care mistakes and lower potential risks.

POSTEK's technology team earned a high reputation for its professional work ethic, efficient support of the Hospital Information System (HIS) upgrade, and their invaluable support  for other HIS software.

After the HIS system upgrade, the barcode management is widely used in the following places:

Physical examination center:

1. All health information of each patient is kept in the barcode of 1 individual card, and it's much easier to find and check the medical information for different patient.

2. All details of physical examinations are kept in the computer, and the doctor can update any medical information they need and it will be kept in the patient's barcode in the system to avoid any unexpected mistakes by illegible handwriting.

3. All information of different physical examinations can be kept in different barcodes individually; and there can even be different barcode strands for different physical examination results.

4. Doctors and other staff working in the hospital can get the medical and health information as long as they scan the barcode of any patient, which greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy in hospital daily work.


Patient information was previously recorded in the registration form by hand. Often, the patient information recorded by hand was difficult to read and caused many unnecessary mistakes and misunderstandings in medical treatments for patients.

Barcode information management effectively prevents those problems from handwriting. During the medical treatment for a patient, the computer is playing a leading role in information management, and vastly improved the efficiency and accuracy with this new technology innovation.

There were some mistakes and potential risks for hospital charges when they are counted and recorded by hand. With the POSTEK barcode system, all charge information is kept in the barcode; and the clear charge list can be read and checked very easily after scanned.  

Registration Center:

The information of registration and charges are kept in the barcode, and patients get their number from the registration system when arriving at the hospital.


Barcode information management is widely used in pharmacy inventory management. All records are kept by scanning the barcode a drug is put in or taken out of the pharmacy. This new innovation technology has effectively decreased the risks of any potential mistakes in pharmacy inventory management.

Patient Report Center:

Barcode information management is also used to manage different patient reports.

Outpatient Department:

All information and conclusions are well kept by a barcode information management system with no data loss or mistakes.

POSTEK's Q8 barcode label printer was selected by Peking Union Medical College Hospital to implement this innovative information management. POSTEK products are favored by everyone working at hospital with its attractive white color and adorable appearance.

The Q8's innovative print engine structure delivers simplicity and reliability with a quiet working condition, so it is the best choice for hospital use.

In the agreement to serve the hospital, POSTEK continues to prove its well experienced technology service team, and guarantees all product support for the entire updated barcode information system.      


With barcode information management, Peking Union Medical College Hospital greatly improves the efficiency of hospital daily management with  enhanced patient service. It is a landmark for the development of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, and their standard for a  higher level of scientific standards  and patient service.

POSTEK earned a high reputation in the partnership with Peking Union Medical College Hospital for an upgraded barcode management system. Based on the feedback from the hospital, they are willing to extend their partnership with POSTEK by adding more barcode printer equipment .


Postek Electronics Co., Ltd. established in 1998 in Shenzhen, China.  Since the company's inception, it has earned the reputation of producing durable thermal /RFID products with exceptional quality.      

For the last 15 years of development, POSTEK strives to become the best choice for barcode & RFID printers for global customers, and has earned more than 20 awards on product design and technology innovation from the national government.  

Postek barcode printers have become the optimal choice for many corporations in such diverse fields as apparel, logistics, retail, healthcare and supply chain management, as well as government agencies such as postal services and libraries.

Currently, POSTEK is a leading barcode & RFID company of China and playing an significant role in barcode information management development.

About Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Peking Union Medical College Hospital is in the TOP 100 leading hospitals in china integrating with medicine research institutes and medical college functions. There are many brilliant and experienced professor and doctor teams in this hospital with world class medical equipment and facilities.

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