Postek Exhibits RFID Label Printers at CHTF 2014

The 16th China Hi-Tech Fair was held at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on November 16-21, 2014. As the cradle of innovative technology, CHTF attracted not only local high-tech enterprises, but also enterprises from other provinces and countries.

Prosperity of Hi-Tech Achievements

Postek Exhibits at CHTF Again

In Hall 1, booth 1A01, Postek, the leading brand of RFID label printers exhibited their RFID label printers showing practical application in information management.

In contrast from last year, this year's CHTF witnessed the prosperity of the transformation and application of Scientific and Technological Achievements in highly focused industries such as Information Technology, Internet of Things and Smart City. At Postek's booth, staff showed visitors how to print labels with a computer chip and how to realize their non-contact batch data collection (Radio Frequency Identification technology). Postek's staff also introduced actual cases and prospects of RFID labels and RFID technological application in logistics, storage, retail, fixed-assets management and safety traceability systems. Showcasing the high efficiency and convenience of advanced information technology was impressive to the visitors in the expo hall.

Deep Integration of RFID & AIT

Postek RFID Label Printers Drive Information Management

At CHTF 2014, Postek mainly exhibited RFID label printers, demonstrating the operation of RFID label printers, presenting batch data collection and sharing the important roles that RFID and AIT play in information management. Postek RFID label printers show the application of RFID radio frequency technology, which accelerates the development of information management in all industries.

With the high-quality, precision and advanced technology in IOT, the deep integration of RFID and barcode technology infuses new blood into automatic identification and speeds up the upgrading of technology and its application.

Since RFID technology enables faster and easier data collection with high accuracy, RFID labels are a well-received management solution in logistics, clothing, and fixed assets management industries. As the cost of RFID labels continue to go down, RFID technology and achievements will enter into the most in-demand industry——Retail. Focused on R&D of label printers, Postek realizes that the integration of IOT and automatic identification will bring a more broad space for the development of label printers. Postek started to concentrate on R&D of RFID label printers a long time ago and claims intellectual property rights for their innovative RFID antenna module design and position & detection technology.

Postek's RFID label printer adopts Reading/Writing after printing, realizing precise localization and supporting ultra-small RFID label printing. These conveniences fully meet the needs of enterprises under the development of IOT and bring smarter printing solutions for users.

Innovating based on trends and technical insights, Postek continues to produce ease-of-use durable RFID label printers.

Enhancing the Application & Development of IOT Technologies

RFID Technology Accelerates Logistics Information System Management

The newest IOT White Paper published by MIIT emphasizes the strength of inherent power, hoping that IOT can form a cohesive direction for self-development, drive for the development of industry by applications, and encourage innovation to further optimize matching environments.

The future IOT will be a vibrant market, ranging from the development of technology to the application of technologies. For now, the related businesses such as IOT, Information Technology and Smart City, gained extensive attention at CHTF 2014.

Postek presented RFID automatic identification management solutions for third party logistics, airfreight and port and terminal operations, including RFID Smart Warehouse Management System (SWMS), RFID airline baggage application and vehicle license plate automatic identification management system.

Postek's manager states, "Traditional air transport, rail transport and truck transport cannot make a great breakthrough through cost control in their current business model. The application of information technology will be the focus of upgrading in the logistics industry. And the key technology——RFID, featured by batch, accurate, fast data collection, reading and transmission, will ensure efficient, accurate and timely delivery and play an irreplaceable role in accelerating information system management in the logistics industry."

About Postek:

Postek Electronics Co., Ltd. established in 1998 in Shenzhen, China and has since earned the reputation of producing outstanding, long lasting thermal products. With dedicated focus to incorporating innovation and durable designs into all of their thermal printers, the company has secured several national Chinese patents as well as consumer loyalty. Based upon its in-depth knowledge of diverse industry needs, Postek continues to engineer high-performance thermal printers meeting the ever-evolving demands for solution-driven AIDC products. Prevailing in the philosophies that have built its brand — value management, a pioneering spirit, rugged parts strengthening durable quality designs, and a win-win approach, the company is confident in its continual growth and success, bringing only top quality and long lasting durable thermal printer products to the global market.

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