Postek exhibits at IOTE 2019 showing featuring RFID printing solutions

For the last decade, internet of things has witnessed growth at unprecedented rate. The important role that internet of things will play in our future is clearer everyday. A future where all physical items can be discovered and managed remotely would no longer be a dream. RFID, being the key technology enabling the remote access, is receiving more and more attention as IOT continues to grow.

At 2019 July 30th, the 12 annual internet of things convention (IOTE 2019) was held at Shenzhen convention center. With participation from more than 700 manufacturers and over 100 thousand purchasing agent from all around the world. The convention was filled with the growing passion for IOT. POSTEK added to the convention with its latest-generation of RFID printers. The dedication to innovation and customer experience while crafting the printers made it one of the highlights of the convention. Providing unmatched reliability for RFID printing solutions and unprecedented user experience for IOT enthusiasts.

At the IOTE 2019 convention, POSTEK brought its latest products to the table. With it, POSTEK brought its breakthrough in printing quality, HEAT™. HEAT™ is a revolutionary printhead control algorithm that manages its printout with surgical-grade precision. Designed to provide unparalleled printout quality that can only be found in a POSTEK.

POSTEK RFID printers provides HF and UHF solutions for both commercial level and industrial grade demands. Combined with its high media compatibility and its wide range of applications, POSTEK RFID printers has seen high popularity with different RFID projects around the world. Now with the new addition of precise RFID tag sensing algorithm, POSTEK RFID printers can support RFID tags with gaps as small as 12 mm in between 2 labels.

During the IOTE 2019 convention, POSTEK's TXr series RFID label printer was rewarded with IOTE's golden innovation prize. With its patented printing process and automate verification, not only guarantees a fluent printing experience, but also 100 percent accuracy for its printout. Widely known to be the top choice for any RFID printing solution involving automation.

With its dedication to innovation, POSTEK's counter attracted many consumers from across the world. See below for the on scene demonstration of POSTEKs TX series printing metal-resistance RFID tags. Its printout quality won the commendation of the audiences. Over the last few years, being the leader in RFID label printers, POSTEK have seen partnership with various companies from a variety of background and industry. Making POSTEK the most experienced and professional RFID solution provider in the industry.

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