POSTEK Exhibits SmartCards Expo 2019

At 2019, September 25th, smartcards exposition raised its curtain in India New Delhi. Currently, Smartcard expo2019 is the largest smart cards and RFID exhibition all over India, with more than 94 corporations from 10 different countries attending the show.

Amid the diverse group of exhibitors, one exhibitor from China stood out from the crowd. POSTEK, with its innovative RFID printing solutions, quickly became the center of attention. Its TXr series and Ge series ultra high frequency RFID printers won the praises of the audience and was remembered as one of the highlights of the event.

According to newest prediction provided by Deloitte, the IOT devices shall see an increase of 1.9 billion units and a market size of 9 billion dollars. Combined with the fact that RFID is seeing unprecedented growth in retail, medical, automotive, supply chain and public transportation industries, it is fair to expect exponential growth of IOT and RFID in the near future. With recent statistics showing an annual growth of 25 percent, this undoubtedly signals the great potential within the present market.

POSTEK has dedicated the last twenty years in providing the best in the market label printing solutions. The convenience provided through RFID labels aligned perfectly with POSTEK’s dedication to quality and its focus on user experience, and RFID soon became a major focus of POSTEK way before RFID technologies received popularity in the market. This dedication led to a RFID printing experience that simply can't be matched in the industry. POSTEK quickly won the praises of BBS (Best Barcode System PVT. LTD.) and worked together to become the pioneer of RFID in India.

POSTEK's showing at the exhibition was a great success. As mentioned above, POSTEK was one of the first few that understood the value of RFID for the consumers and set out to create the best possible user experience. This quest produced led to the innovative features found only in a POSTEK label printer. In the future, POSTEK shall continue its dedication and quest to craft the ultimate user experience for consumers in India, and the world.

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