Q1:How can I get technical support and service?

You can either contact your local reseller or you can reach Postek technicians via live tech support chat of our website or shoot an email to

Q2:What’s the warranty for printer and printhead?

All Postek printers come with standard 1 year free warranty. Warranty for printhead is 6 months or 10km whichever comes first.




1 year


6 months or 30km whichever comes first


1 year

Replacement parts within Warranty

Rest time of warranty or 90 days from replacement date whichever longer is.

Replacement parts out of Warranty

Printhead: 6 months

Mainboard, power supply, cutter: 1 year

Other accessories: 6 months

Q3:Do you provide any label designer software?

You can download BarTender Ultralite version free of charge from our website and here’s video to guide you how to design your labels.

BarTender Ultralite supports design and edition of fonts, all kinds of one & two dimension barcodes, serial numbers, picture insert, etc. If needed you can also purchase license for other higher BarTender versions with more functionalities.

Q4:Under what circumstances will printhead not be warranted?

Thermal printhead is a delicate part. Damage due to wrong operation or maintenance will not be warranted. To avoid unnecessary damages please pay attention to following reminders.

Please do not touch or scratch printhead with any hard objects.

Please do not touch printhead surface with fingers to avoid erosion.

Please do not use label or ribbon that contains Na, K, Cl ions to avoid erosion.

Please keep the printhead away from any liquid or moisture objects to avoid erosion.

Please utilize special swab for cleaning the printhead.

Please do not use poor quality consumables. They might come with dust, debris or glue which could scratch the printhead or generate statics that may burn the printhead.

Q5:Does Postek printer require designated label and ribbon?

No, Postek printer can work with all types of consumables. It's highly recommended to select good quality consumables not only for fine printout quality but also for better printhead lifespan.