What is a POSTEK + Weekly roundup

In this weeks round up at POSTEK, we wanted to cover the basic a little bit. As pointed out in the second episode of our "Minute with POSTEK" series, there are some confusion around who we are and what we do. POSTEK was founded back in 1998 as one of the first companies in China to manufacture label printers. Over the past 23 years, we have secured over 50 national patents for innovation and the accomplishment of being the first company in China to step foot in the RFID industry.

Now we are not exactly ones who likes to brag with statements such as: "we are the leader in the RFID industry". Because to be 100% honest, the RFID label printing industry don't hold annual competitions to determine who gets to call their brand the leader for the year. With that being said, we are incredibly confident in what we can bring to the table, especially in the RFID industry. For starters, POSTEK is the only brand with RFID label printers that can effectively and efficiently print on-metal RFID tags with thickness up to 1.2mm. POSTEK printers are also the only ones that can effectively calibrate most types of RFID labels(R6,U9,etc) in under 30 seconds. That is not all. With our special structural design, RFID labels are printed on first and then the RFID data is encoded. Doesn't sound like a big deal. However, if you consider the fact that there is a small chance that the RFID inlay within the label can be damaged during printing, the design offers some unparalleled advantages. If the printer utilize the traditional encode first then print design, there will always be a small chance that the encoded RFID data can be corrupted during printing. This combined with the fact that the printer believes it encoded the information into the tag correctly, there is a high risk that a broken RFID label could be used as a perfectly functional label. By the time relevant personal have found out that the RFID label is broken after it have left the production line, it has already costed irreparable damages. By using POSTEK's design and printing first, this problem can be eliminated from its roots. That is why we are also the only brand confident enough to guarantee that 100% of all the RFID information that needs to be printed will be 100% accurately encoded in the correct RFID label by the end of 100% of the print-jobs. Those are just a few examples of value-added features that POSTEK printers can provide. It should be apparent that we make the product and user-experience our top priority. Whether we should be consider to be the leader in the RFID industry? Well that is up to you to decide.

We have certainly made some strides in the label printing and RFID industries. The successes are the results of countless days and nights of hard-work combined with a burning passion to provide those features that truly offers tangible benefits to the user. With that being said, we realized that we have been a bit too focused upon R&D and not enough on sharing. We have made a lot of progress in improving user-experience and we have a ton more project coming very soon that will reshape the way people look at label printers. How selfish would we have to be to not share the awesome news? Be sure to follow us on Linkedin and stay tuned for many more exciting news to come.

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