Webinar week + Weekly roundup

In this week's round-up at POSTEK, we have been hard at work prepping for webinars with SICK Australia & New Zealand and Prime Interway. The webinars were hosted with the focus on our newer models. Of course, we certainly didn't forget about the current models and the awesome RFID capabilities that we do have. Missed the webinar? No worries. We will be sharing recorded playback of both events very soon. We can't quite promise that it will be as engaging as the real thing, but we can promise there will be more opportunities shortly.

This Friday, we hosted a new product & RFID webinar with our business partner SICK Australia & New Zealand. After careful prepping for over a week, Bella, Elaine, and Jarvis from the POSTEK team handled the event with professionalism and style.

Coming up next Thursday(09/02/2021), the POSTEK team will meet again for another webinar with Prime Interway. If you missed the last webinar, be sure to come check this one out! After another week of careful prepping, the team is out to beat their last performance.

Webinars are interesting and informative. However, they are quite a bit of work too. So as unfortunate as it is, we haven't been able to upload as many times as we would like this week. Not to worry though, we have got a lot more content brewing in the editing bay. Be sure to follow us on Linkedin so you don't miss an upload!

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