Limited Warranty

Warranty Clause:

1. Free repair is available for the products that meet the conditions within the scope and period of warranty.

2. The invoice issued with the purchase shall be provided when any warranty service is required.

3. For any repairing service after warranty period or not covered within the scope of warranty, Postek will charge for the cost of components, inspection and maintenance services.

4. If any repairs or alteration for the products are manipulated by technical engineer or technician that is not authorized by Postek will void the warranty.

5. Any products should be packed in its original packaging or in the same packaging conditions when it is returned for repairing. The malfunction or damage caused by improper packaging or transportation will not be covered by our warranty policies.

6. Postek and Postek distributors shall provide warranty service according to the warranty clause. However, in no event shall the manufacturer or the resellers involved be liable for any damages whatsoever arising from the use of, the results of use or inability to use this product.

Scope and Period of Warranty:

1. This warranty shall only apply to damages caused by defective materials or fabrication technologies.

2. The period of warranty shall start from the date of purchasing of the product (subject to the date of invoice). If the customer cannot provide invoice, then the period of warranty starts from the date of production.

3. Warranty Period

a) Printer (excluding printhead): 1 year

b) Label rewinder: 1 year

c) Cutter: 1 year or 600,000 cuts, whichever comes first

*Postek cutter is designed for normal labels/tags printing, for other special material such as nylon,warranty period is 150,000 cuts.

d) Printhead: 6 months or 30 kilometers, whichever comes first

*The thermal printhead can be deemed as fragile and precise parts, it could be easily damaged if not being carefully operated and maintained. To maximize its lifespan, please always use high quality consumables, and do perform necessary maintenance operations as instructed in the printer User's Manual. Any physical damage (including but not limit to scratches, crack, break and corrosion) caused is not covered under warranty.

Free repair obligations will be annulled under the following conditions:

1. If the invoice or serial number has been altered.

2. If the products or parts becomes faulty due to use contrary to the terms or conditions stated in the User's Manual.

3. Those damages caused by water or other substances.

4. Any physical printhead damage caused by excessively thick labels printing.

5. Any physical printhead damage caused by direct thermal printing without professional adjustment.

6. Any physical printhead damage caused by inferior consumables (ribbon and label).

7. Those damages caused by inappropriate operating environment such as power supply,temperature, humidity, etc.

8. Those damages caused by natural disaster such as earthquake, fire, flood, etc.

9. If the product is used beyond its range of application.

10. If the product has been previously repaired by unauthorized persons.