Brand new OX/GX/MX series + Weekly Roundup

For this week at POSTEK, we launched the first few episodes of our weekly videos series. The video series are here to stay so be sure to stay tuned for more coming very soon. However, that is not all that we have in store for you today. We have three brand new models, the OX series, the GX series, and the MX series coming out very soon and we have a lot of content regarding those models on the way. The pretty pictures and lovely videos are still in the editing bay, before they arrive, we can offer you some charming words about each of the machines.

Since the videos and the pictures go in-depth on the features and fortes of each of the machines, we can't spoil the fun here with words. However, we would like to share some of the ideals that were the backbone of the design process. Let's start with the OX series. The OX series is designed to be the absolute best that the thermal label printing industry can offer. With advanced features that drastically improve the user experience hidden around every corner. The OX series outlines the path to the future for thermal label printers. Although we can't get into the details behind the cool new features, we can briefly touch on why we chose to draft the OX series with such a unique look. As the name suggests, the OX series is designed after the great OX, the symbol of endurance and strength in some cultures. This ideal gives the OX series its one-of-a-kind structural design. Resembling the face of an OX, the OX series carries on the spirit of rugged durability and robust reliability in all aspects of its design.

Now let's briefly touch upon the GX series. The GX series is the natural evolution stemming from the original G series. The G series was the first model that separated POSTEK from the rest of the crowd. With the size expected for a desktop printer and the stability that was once thought only possible for industrial-grade printers, the G series completely shattered the line between desktop and industrial printers. Want the high performance and reliability that usually only comes with industrial printers but don't want to haul around a giant, expensive hunk of steel? The G series offered the perfect solution. Lightweight and ease of use made it an incredible choice for desktop applications, but the G series is also built tough enough to handle the high-demanding industrial applications. The G series certainly set a very high standard, but shattering the old status quote and setting new ones is just what we like to do here at POSTEK. Many of our users thought the G series was already the pinnacle of reliability and ease of use. However, with the addition of all-metal construction and a huge 4.5 inch LCD touch screen display, the GX series brings the user experience to an entirely different level.

If it isn't obvious enough, we are quite proud of the machines that we build. We designed each and every one of our models with a centralized focus upon ease of use, and the MX series is certainly no exception. The MX series is the first printer used on a production line that will not require an external PLC. That is correct, the MX series will not require the integration of an external PLC. Thanks to our powerful quad-core processor and our extensive 50 pins I/O port, the printer is the PLC. With just a few taps on the 4.5 inch LCD screen, the user can easily set up the necessary parameters for controlling the label applicator. What used to be a long, dreadful process that can only be done by programmers can now be set up and adjusted on the fly by almost everyone who has ever used a smartphone. Just one of the many showcases of our commitment to the best user experience.

That is all for this week. A lot of new content rolling out next week so be sure to follow us on Linkedin for the latest POSTEK news. Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you on the next one.

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