POSTEK Barcode Printing Boosting Medical Inform

Due to new developments in Science and Technology, Wise Information Technology of 120 (WIT120) has gained extensive attention from medical industry experts, and will bring new opportunities to China’s medical industry.

The 3rd China Healthcare Technology Innovation Summit was hosted by Noppen in Shanghai on January 15-16, 2015. This summit provided the perfect place to discuss current medical informatization and its tendencies in China, exchange ideas on regional cooperative healthcare systems, and share successful experience in establishing healthcare information systems. Also at the summit, the local Board of Health, hospitals, clinics and renowned enterprises engaged with WIT120 to field heated discussions on hot topics such as Digitalized Hospital, international medical informatization, hospital messaging and Electronic Health Record (EHR), mobile healthcare and tele-medicine in the perspective of government strategy, operational challenge and technology development.

Science and Technology Promotes Future Transformation of the Medical Industry

During the two-day summit, director of the Law Department of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, vice director of the Medical Reform Department, presidents and deputy presidents from several well-known Shanghai hospitals and Chief Information Officer analyzed the application of medical informatization technology and EHR, explored the new service mode under WIT120, discussed the current problems and challenges, talked about the role of information technology in medical innovation practice, and shared experiences in hospital informatization practice, which fully presented their wisdom, perspective and strategies as industry leaders.