1.Label printer Low printout quality

1. Dust/smear on printhead or platen roller

Low printout quality can be due to the dust, smear, or other substances on printhead or platen roller. When encountering issues with printout quality, it is recommended to always clean the printhead and platen roller first. Refer to the video below for more detail on how to properly clean the printhead.

2. Printhead module not properly locked in

If the printhead module is not properly locked into place, the printout quality would decrease drastically. Push down on the printhead module with both hands until the latch locks on. An audible click should be present when the printhead module is properly locked in.

Refer to the video below for more detail on how to properly  loadMedia and Ribbon.

3. Adjusting Printing darkness

Different media and ribbon combinations could require different printing darknesses. For example, when using media materials such as PET, PVE, or coated media, resin ribbons would be required as well as higher printing darkness.

To set the printing darkness, navigate to theBarTender label editing software:

• Click “Print”

• navigate to“Document Properties”,“Options”, and find set darkness(Uncheck“Use Current Printer Setting”, or the adjustments made on the computer would be overridden)


If the adjustment of printing darkness didn’t take effect, the printing darkness can be adjusted using the printer software“Utility”. With“Utility”open, click on “Get Form Printer”, it would return the current darkness setting on the printer. The darkness setting can be adjusted in the software or can be set to 0(If set to 0, the printer would always prioritize the darkness parameter from the driver or editing software). After setting it to 0, please refer to the steps above to adjust the printing darkness in BarTender.


Please use the following link to download the “Utility” software

Disclaimer: All none 0 Parameters set with“Utility” have priority over other label editing software or printer driver. It is recommended to not set the parameters such as printing darkness or printing speed in“Utility” so when printing different templates, the different parameters corresponding to each template can apply appropriately.


4. Incompatible media and ribbon

Different media materials require different types of ribbons for the best printout quality. The table below outlines a guide for selecting media, ribbon, and the appropriate darkness level. The quality of the media and ribbon plays a significant role as well. Not only can they degrade the printout quality, but it also poses a risk for damaging intrinsic components such as the printhead. When selecting consumables for the printer, it is recommended to purchases consumables from well-known, reliable sources.

Media Material

Ribbon Material

Print Darkness

Coated Paper

Wax Ribbon,Mixed Ribbon


Matte Silver Label、


Filmed Label

Resin Ribbon

(Need higher print darkdess


Care Label

wash care resin ribbon



5. Hardware issues

If the above-mentioned processes didn’t resolve the issue. Please contact us through the POSTEK official website for additional technical support.