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  • Postek Intelligent RFID Solution at Lazada Sorting Center

    Being part of the automation logistics solution at the Lazada's global sorting centers, POSTEK provides customized RFID label’s printing and encoding service. With leading RFID capabilities, easy-to-use operations and durable performance integrated in RFID printers, professional and rich experience in RFID projects, POSTEK help Lazada global sorting center to fully realize the automatic sorting system operation based on RFID and bar code technology.

  • Ochirly Implements POSTEK Printers to Realize Efficient Logistics Management

    As a leading brand of mid-to-high-end dresses, Ochirly not only focuses on the product itself, but also prioritizes modern warehouse logistics. Ochirly realized that fast, accurate and efficient warehouse logistics would help their growing business, so they invested in information management hardware and software.

  • Yuxin Logistics adopted Postek printers to fulfill the information management system

    As one of the pioneering logistic companies in China, Yuxin Logistics carried out integration and upgraded its logistics informatization management. During the process of upgrade and optimization of the warehouse management system in all of its sorting centers and outlets, Yuxin Logistics adopted Postek label printers to fulfill the information management system.

  • Postek Assists China Post in Realizing Carefree Printing

    Shenzhen Mail Processing and Logistics Distribution Center implemented barcode management. When a barcode is applied in the whole process, no barcode printing mistake is tolerated. China Post, constantly in pursuit of high efficiency and accuracy, sets high requirements for the stability and durability of label printers.

  • Deppon enhance the accuracy of logistics management through AUTO ID Technology

    Deppon Express placed top priorities on the development of their network. Through partnering with a top software developer and hardware supplier, the company set out to form a uniform information management platform to assure network access, accelerate response time, and enhance efficiency and accuracy of logistics information through automation.

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