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Sourcing Tracing

The sourcing of food safety

Food-traceability solutions are particularly imperative – and effective – for achieving rapid responses to potential product recalls. Postek high performance printers designed from our deep industry knowledge will help create a safe and reliable food supply chain. Identifying products with barcodes, text and lot numbers, and RFID labels and tags can provide real-time information on the location, condition, and delivery time of products.

Food is one of the most difficult and demanding environments for workplace safety products and identification. Barcodes help to create the security your purchasers require to stock your food product. Knowing where your product originates, when it was manufactured or harvested, and how long it took to arrive at a customer facing shelf can be relevant in building trust with your largest clients. Labeling your food according to government regulations is necessary, but it’s also imperative to track your own product distribution. With properly barcoding your food products, you can quickly recall items from their current location. Labeling your food product to accommodate safety procedures like harsh wash down cycles, chemical sanitizers, and constantly wet environments present reliability challenges for products. Resolve these challenges, and help ensure a safe and accurate food supply chain with barcode and RFID technology from Postek.

  • Standard Barcode Solutions

    Barcode labels come in so many fabrics, that identifying an ideal label and ribbon to meet your product storage conditions is reasonable. Postek printers durable quality and innovative engineering allow you to print on any labels with the assumption that your label will be affixed and clearly legible for the entire product life cycle. Postek can provide solutions that withstand harsh chemicals, damp environments, and abrasive contact during distribution. The barcode can track all the necessary identifiers about a product, its origination, and its ideal storage condition. If seamlessly tracking distribution, shipping, and destination in real time and without compromising product safety, RFID labels may be a preferred solution.

  • RFID Enhanced Solutions

    RFID labels can be an extremely useful resource if you need to update tracking information about the product from the moment it leaves the manufacturing plant until its final destination. If a read and write RFID tag is used, your product location can be updated several times along its path. For example, when your product leaves the manufacturing plant, the RFID tag may be tracking date of creation, ingredients, hazardous disclaimers, worker/inspector and destination. When the items arrive at the distribution center, the RFID can be scanned and updated with its new location. All the original information remains, but the new information is added without having to retag the item. Then the product is transported to its retailer or end user. The RFID tag can be updated yet again. If your facility has mandatory climate and condition reporting, RFID tags can be updated each time to confirm the conditions for which the product is currently stored. If the product happens to have a recall, you need to verify inventory for an order, or you’re reporting on recent storage conditions, it can be identified through the RFID when the label itself was only affixed once at manufacturing.

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