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Network Identification and Documentation

The telecommunication industry runs on wires and cables – and it’s vitally important that the products used to identify equipment and licensing are consistently reliable and accessible. Many components are active in high temperatures or will be installed in rugged environments.

Whether your network is a small rack of servers in a small IT room or you manage a data center supporting hundreds of networks, a barcode solution can provide a transparent view of equipment, ownership, inventory, scheduled maintenance, warranty expiration, and processing capacity. Once scanned and installed in a rack, the network services representative no longer needs to unlock the rack and pull out servers to view the serial number or service tag. The rack or server can simply be scanned to display the details.

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    High performance wire and cable identification products make the network reliable and accessible. Properly labeling telecommunication wires is a necessary convenience for your network services team.

    Since many wires and cables look similar, barcoding them can be an easy solution for confirming the correct product is being implemented. In addition, you can associate a port assignment, server, or even wall jack within the tracking system, so that when scanned, the barcode can identify the cable’s connection and purpose.

    Postek can print durable labels that withstand the environment in which the cable or wire will be implemented.

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