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Tickets/Coupon Printing

Instantly print receipts, tickets, boarding passes, and tags. Postek printers offer instant printing solutions to enhance the customer experience. Designed for maximum reliability and minimal maintenance, Postek's durable kiosk printers get the job done, so you can focus on other parts of your business.

  • Event Tickets

    Create event tickets on your own barcode printer. If you organization plans events all year long, there’s no need to outsource secure barcoded tickets. Postek can provide a desktop solution to printing your own. Whether your events are small groups or large conferences, the low cost barcode solution will provide seamless printing and tracking for all of your events.

  • Coupon

    Retailers that offer coupons and vouchers create happy, loyal customers. In order to promote new items or remind customers about more mature products, you can easily print a barcode coupon for immediate redemption at the point of sale. Stay ahead of your competition with last minute specials that can be immediately recognized during payment. Look to Postek for compact desktop printers that fit in perfectly with existing check-out registers for point-of-sale printing.

  • Boarding Pass

    Boarding passes with barcodes have saved countless hours in identifying late passengers, verifying the on board count, and satisfying airport security requirements. The speed for which airlines can validate has significantly reduced delayed flight times.

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