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Asset Management

Make it simple to track the valuable assets

Tracking valuable assets and property is essential for your business. Whether you sell recreational vehicles, office furniture, automotive parts, or even the tiniest computer components, having barcoded labels provides accurate inventory and document management. The barcode can also play a significant role in defining when, where, and under what compliance operative an item was manufactured.

No matter what kind of assets your barcoding, you need a printer designed to print durable, long lasting labels. Barcode label solutions can accommodate many environments such as cold and damp storage conditions, chemical exposure, or uncontrolled wear and tear. Postek printers have a proven history of quality, durable, long lasting print quality on any label solution.

  • Inventory Control

    Through barcode and RFID technologies, you can quickly identify inventory throughout your storage, handling, and distribution processes. No matter what you need or the size of your company, barcode labels and RFID labels will help you create a robust inventory management system to bringing accuracy and visibility to inventory control.

    Not only do you need to track what inventory is in stock, but you need to know what items need to be restocked or ordered from Manufacturing. Your business may benefit from reviewing which items move quickly and which sit longer on the shelf. You may need to track the location of inventory within various warehouses in an attempt to distribute inventory to meet consumer demands. Barcode labels are the ideal solution for managing your inventory in seconds.

  • Documents Management

    Document management systems and records management systems are inventoried just like assets and products. Use RFID tags and labels to quickly track and trace important files and documents. Barcoding documents and records is an easy way to track the document’s time stamp and location. When documents reach their maturity to be on-hand, they can be moved to offsite or archived storage. The barcode associated with documents is essential to finding small files in large warehouses. Print durable text and long lasting, scratch resistant barcode labels. Plus, Postek compact printers have a small footprint to save space in crowded office environments.

  • Office Management

    Your business likely has one or more offices full of furniture, equipment, cabinets, computers, servers, and fixtures. These items are assets that could be valuable for future liquidating or claiming depreciation for accounting purposes. Each item can be barcoded to show date of manufacture, date of purchase, cost, depreciation calculation, warranty expiration, service code, building/floor/suite location, and even employee assignment. Assets can be easily viewed from a computer to show unassigned assets for potential reassignment or sale, expired equipment up for renewal or retirement, and tax deductions for annual returns.

  • Employee Equipment

    Typically each staff member is assigned company property upon employment. Among these items is usually a computer. Ideally you would barcode each computer with key identifiers like software authentication, warranty expiration, department or cost center, and location. When an employee is having a computer issue, this barcode provides a quick and easy way for the IT department to identify the computer, its software, and location to quickly come up with a solution.

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