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Enabling the healthcare industry to be secure, efficient and smart

The healthcare industry demands perfection. Preventing an error could mean saving a life. Barcode solutions have become essential in healthcare from pretagged supplies like vials, plates, slides, and needles to barcode labels printed onsite to identify a patient, their specimen containers, and bedside medications during in-patient care. Healthcare is one of the leading industries in barcode solutions.

  • Hospital and Point of Care

    Regulations require barcoding to confirm every point of patient contact by assigning each patient a unique barcode wristband at checkin. Scanning a patient wristband barcode validates the treatment plan, procedures, and personal care of each patient. Also the patient prescription is assigned to each unique barcode so patients only receive their prescribed medication. Scanning the barcode at the time of dosage can prevent medication from being administered too soon or too late. This barcoding risk management system can prevent potentially fatal errors.

  • Personnel and Caregiver Identification

    Creating barcoded identification can serve in several ways: providing specific codes allowing or denying access to secured rooms; staff clocking in and out through a scanner/reader; and identifying whether a person is authorized to be in the respective facility/department. Barcodes can also be coded to identify certifications and licensing. If you need to know who is currently scanned into the building that has the authority to administer a narcotic, the system can display it based on the barcode ID that was scanned.

  • Blood banks

    Blood banks can reference blood type and blood content within the barcode. Barcodes can easily confirm whole blood or platelets, positive or negative blood type, origin of donation, etc. Avoid having to destroy unidentifiable blood and reduce the potential for transfusion errors with labels designed to withstand testing and storage conditions.

  • Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacy Medication Dispensing

    Barcodes have been influential in the generation of drug coding and packaging. Every drug applies for a unique code (NDC) that can be evident in the barcode. This measure prevents more than one drug from having the same NDC.

    To enable the five rights of patient medication administration, Postek will help your pharmacy add variable data to every drug at the unit-dose level. These barcode labels are scanned to immediately verify and record medication dispensing, as well as check the NDC number against the prescription order ensuring the correct medication in the correct dosage is administered to the correct patient.

  • Laboratory

    Your laboratory may see a hundred patients a day. Each patient that gives samples of blood, urine, or saliva should be validated through a verifying barcode on their patient chart and all specimen containers resulting from that visit. Managing the risks with barcodes prevents samples from potentially being assigned to the wrong patient or completely unidentifiable. Avoid having to destroy unidentifiable blood and reduce the potential for transfusion errors with labels designed to withstand testing and storage conditions. The durable Postek specimen labels identify samples for a complete life cycle (from donation to administration or disposal.) Our standard of quality far exceeds the best quality of our competitors because your business depends on it.

    If your laboratory sends out samples to a central or specialty laboratory, you may include a location identifier within the barcode to confirm from where the samples were received. There are many layers of key identifiers that can prevent common errors that are typically associated with handwritten verifications.

  • Manufactured Healthcare Supplies

    The healthcare industry has demanded the utmost accuracy through regulated barcode stipulations. As a result, healthcare supplies that are barcoded at the manufacturer are relied upon the most when being utilized at a healthcare institution. Having your products barcoded can influence a purchasing department to choose your products over a competitor. When items are barcoded, the likelihood of ordering and stocking the optimal size needles, latex free gloves, appropriate instrument sterilization products is significantly increased. If your barcode solution is error free, then your purchasers will trust your products.

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