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Respond Rapidly to Consumer Demands

The pressures of today's market conditions are resulting in much more selective consumer spending. As a result of this and the competitive environment, retailers need to operate with tighter inventories and achieve cost-saving efficiencies in their operations. New technologies hold promise for improving in-store and warehouse operations, making it easier to match the flow of inventory with changing consumer demands.

  • Super Market | Shopping Center | Bakery | Pharmacy

    Your super market sells products from all over the world, from various vendors, and in several categories of stock. Barcoding your merchandise with your own label can give you flexibility to categorize and analyze shelf life, restocking needs, changing consumer demands, and trending merchandise by geographical location. Imagine having the capability to decide in the morning that you should put a special on product items that could expire before they’re sold. Or maybe you learned that a competitor is having a special on electronics this week. You can simply decide to run your own special so customers don’t choose to go somewhere else to purchase the exact same item.

    You can easily Increase efficiency from your back office to checkout by printing labels on demand to improve accuracy and save labor. Quickly print a label for fresh bakery bread or prepare the package label for freshly made cookies. Maybe your bakery sales during the holidays sell more half pies than whole pies. You can easily accommodate that with onsite, barcode labeling that scans at the register right away.

    Customers can be encouraged to buy items while they’re on special. Producing last minute coupons can be the reason why a consumer purchases more items at your store than they originally anticipated. Because Postek’s barcode printers come in various sizes to meet any business needs, there is an onsite solution that can be added right to your current registers or kiosks.

  • Self Service Creates Efficiencies – Coupons | Gift Registries | Mobile Printing

    Barcoding has become a huge part of successful businesses models because customers are excited about their self service options. Expand self service offerings by providing online options for printing coupons. Consumers are taking a lot more time to search online for coupons and specials. Create a barcoded coupon that can be printed from the internet tracking the best methods of where your customers are finding your store coupons and specials and actually making a purchase with them.

    Gift registries are a great resource for celebrating customer life events like graduation, weddings, or having a baby. Offering the barcode scan option in the store is an ideal solution, but also allowing your customers to create their wish list by putting items in their registry online. Friends and family can easily print the registry online to easily shop in the store. The barcode can confirm that the correct item is being purchased and there was virtually no labor involved.

    Respond quickly to pricing updates with mobile printing. Since mobile phones have become the typical search method in younger generations, you can quickly upload advertisements for coupons that can be printed wirelessly from their mobile phone. Or have them not print the coupon at all. The barcoded coupon can be retrieved on their phone to be scanned and redeemed at the register.

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