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Track Goods Every Step of the Way

Keeping track of goods through the entire distribution process is essential to control costs, increase productivity, and improve customer satisfaction. Postek enables companies to accurately track every item throughout their supply chain and improves efficiency, saving immeasurable hours in cross docking, yard management and pick-up and delivery operations.

Postek RFID technology and barcode printers deliver real-time information exactly where it's needed so companies have complete and timely visibility of their goods at all times.

  • Airline Baggage and Package Management

    Baggage checked in for a flight or packages being shipped through a shipping carrier can be barcoded for point to point verification. Scannable labels save time and prevent baggage from reaching the wrong destination.

  • Shipping

    Shipping materials and packages accurately is easy with barcodes. Not only can you track a shipment from pickup to delivery, but you can also label the packaging with a relevant barcode for its receiver to know how to handle the package. If you’re shipping from one warehouse to another and the package has a temperature limitation as well as content warnings, you can validate this through the barcode in addition to any warning labels affixed to the packaging. The point to point delivery notifications from shipping label barcodes has been an extraordinary benefit to shippers and receivers alike. Tracking a package delivery time allows businesses to provide great customer service.

  • Warehouse Management

    Warehousing products are dependent on barcode labels for optimal efficiency. Because your warehouse can be enormous, house thousands of different items, and have compliance stipulations on some types of goods, barcoding is imperative. When you receive new inventory, you can easily confer with your barcode reference on your computer to know where you have space. You can also easily locate an item through your computer sending the forklift to the correct building and section of the warehouse to deliver items to your shipping bay.

    Postek barcode printers are designed to interface easily and seamlessly with the WMS / ERP system, thus providing you comprehensive real-time visibility into your inventory and warehouse operations.

  • Distribution

    Distributing product from your warehouse should be as trackable as inventory, placement, and shipment. You can put validation processes in place to confirm that all the items being transferred within your warehouse actually make it to their shipping dock or carrier. Once the shipment has been delivered to its destination, the barcoded identifiers allow easy verification if the receiver believes there is a problem with the shipment, they want to process a return, or has a warranty request.

  • Product Location Validation

    Your warehouse organizational grid can be as detailed as you like with barcode labels. Let’s say your warehouse has a section of prefabricated, unassembled furniture. You only stock your customer facing shelves with a quantity of 15 per item. Barcode each shelf that refers to the relevant information about that item: title, total quantity in house, plot location in the warehouse, and date of receipt. Once that item gets low on your customer facing shelf, you can scan the barcode label on the shelf to find out how much inventory is left in your non-customer facing warehouse and send a forklift to that plot to retrieve more stock. To track, retrieve, replenish, and order warehouse items, you can implement barcodes everywhere: walls, floors, palettes, containers, and items.

    Postek printers can print in many sizes allowing barcode labels affixed to shelving to be scanned from an extended distance away. The forklift operator can easily scan the barcode label without being less than 2 inches from the label.

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