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Optimize efficiency of the manufacturing

In manufacturing, success depends on productivity, compliance, safety and security. Barcode product ID labels allow you to effectively track items and retrieve key information like serial numbers. If you manufacture products or you safely contain or store industrial products, barcoding is essential to tracking dates, hazard classification, quantities and location of products. Barcodes can identify any detail of your business or products needs.

Creating preprinted labels can also be extremely useful for manufacturing and industrial labeling. Many manufactured items have an individual key identifier, but the other business identifiers such as name and contact information are the same across the entire business. Postek printers can accommodate a preprinted label, where you have the consistent information preprinted on labels and then add the item specific barcode when it’s manufactured. This method allows a manufacturing company with many plants to have consistent labeling among all plants while the barcode remains unique to the product, date, and location, for example.

  • Electronics & Components

    Postek barcode label printers customize work-in-process labels for comprehensive electronic products and components identification. When assembling many small parts into one larger item, it can be extremely valuable to barcode each part prior to creating the final product of combined parts. If, in the future, there is an error or component failure, you can retrieve the key identifiers from the individual component in order to research the reason why the component failed.

    Because electronics are updated so regularly, barcoding is imperative to keep track of items that look the same, but have upgraded security, features, or functionality. In addition, electronic parts and components are generally in warm or hot environments for extended periods of time. Postek printers print with long lasting durability so your labels will never wear or lose the barcode clarity.

  • Auto Manufacturing

    Postek helps automobile manufacturers throughout the assembly process. Automatically tracking work-in-process and managing the flow of manufacturing materials, components, and finished goods supports a cost effective business model. Every part of an automobile can be barcoded to ensure quality assurance and help research potential recalls.

    As automobile parts are evolving, barcodes are imperative to tracking what VIN numbers in which those parts were installed. Being able to show accountability based on your barcode tracking system can be the reason why distributors choose your product over one of your competitors.

  • Textiles

    Produce garment hangtags and washable labels. The Postek solution is widely used in textiles. Barcodes validate various information about your fabric and garments: type of fabric, origin of materials used, date of manufacture, date of purchase, and more.

    Barcoding your textiles can be a valuable resource to understanding which textiles are more common and profitable. Having scanned statistics of each manufactured item from creation to sale can help your business proactively plan for consumer demand and revenue generating changes.

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