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POSTEK presents its highlights of Smart Logistics Technology at Transport Logistics China 2016 and China International Logistics Week

Date: 2017/5/5

As the leading trade fair for transport and logistics in Asia, Transport Logistic China 2016, that took place from June 14 to 16 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The exhibition themed “Logistics change Life”, and attracted a large number of leading international companies that presented a broad variety of logistics products, technologies and services on their stands, which are applied to all aspects of integrated logistics, air cargo, cool chain and fresh logistics, shipping service, land transportation and more.

With the acceleration of globalization and growth of E-commerce industry, it is developing that the smart logistics and its applications aim at enhancing operational efficiency and user experience, and reducing operating cost. The logistics information technologies that exhibited on this exhibition, represented by POSTEK technology, have attracted much attention from a flood of visitors.

POSTEK RFID label printer supports the development of Smart Logistics Informatization

The Smart Logistics has the enormous advantages of informationize, intelligent and optimize compares to the traditional logistics. Its main technical means that includes building data centre, Internet of Things sector and E-commerce suite etc. can thoroughly perceive, connect and analyze the key information and data for core procedures of logistics supply chain, to realize the seamless connections and coordinated interactions between all participants and resources, thus to provide smart management on the overall operation of logistics. Moreover, the development and progress of the smart logistics will be supported by large database, informatization and supply chain technologies.

The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology profoundly influences and promotes the development of smart logistics. As one of the industry leaders and famous brand of domestic RFID label printer manufacture, POSTEK has presented the applications that has integrated RFID technologies and barcode management, which could be applied throughout all aspects of logistics and supply-chain, and embodied that how the technologies brought innovative changes to the modern Logistics and Operation Management.

For the application of warehouse logistics for various industries, the smart label printed by POSTEK TXr series RFID label printer can provide the solution for optimizing the overall process and service quality, by integrating with RFID devices, RFID system and big data analysis to realize the real-time, rapid and accurate collecting and transmitting information for goods’ information and status, which could be supportive for efficient and real-time tracking management, the monitoring and feedback of the goods status within the overall process of store and logistics, thus to gain the positive impact on promoting organization’s overall competitiveness.

POSTEK direct thermal label printer fully supports E-Business logistics

It is commonly said that the most concerned topic of E-business logistics is the widespread use of direct thermal label instead of the unmanned aerial vehicle distribution. CAINIAO network was announced the statement that to promote standard shipping label with 14 large express-delivery companies within the market, which attracted much industry concerns. There are many advantages of direct thermal label within the process of delivery, transportation and distribution, such as it could be increased 4 to 8 times the speed of printing and delivery speed could be effectively raised by more than 30%, meanwhile the errors would be greatly decreased. Furthermore, the usage of direct thermal label would use less paper during the whole process that would lower the paper cost, and meets the requirement of energy saving and environmental care. So these great advantages have won the preference from the E-business and express-delivery enterprises.

The current situation is that all the large-scale express companies have adopted direct thermal label for their services, as well as the receiving and delivery operation of E-business companies that standardly equipt with direct thermal label printers. POSTEK introduced the iQ Series printer that has outstanding features on printing direct thermal labels, which could enhance user-experience by producing excellent print performance, user-friendly design and functions, such as WIFI printing, one-key supplement printing, high compatibility for a wide range of consumables and beautiful printing quality.

At transport logistic China 2016, staff from POSTEK technologies conveyed that implementing and increasing the usage of information technologies and big data analysis for the commerce circulation is the essential means to boost and develop smart logistics. It is not only these problems have to be solved for logistics management that includes warehousing, transportation and distribution to user; the core concepts are the integration and coefficiency of information technologies, the layout of big data network, the utility software and hardware to serve the overall process regardless of the specific component within the industrial chain.

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