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HEAT™ - A Heated Revolution

Date: 2020/2/25

Ever since its creation, labels and barcode has been considered to be merely a carrier of information. As long as the data can be read off the label, it was viewed as acceptable. The low standard for printout quality has led to stagnation in advancement over the last decade or so. However, the demand for precision didn’t wait for development to catch up. As the amount of information that needs to fit upon a single labels grows, the amount of space that each piece of information can take up shrinks. To meet the new, higher demand, more expensive, higher resolution machines are utilized. POSTEK, being long dedicated to providing the best possible experience to its consumers, are discontent with the industry trend. Unwilling to limit consumers to more expensive hardware, we pushed the limits of possibility with the revolutionary algorithm heating algorithm, HEAT™. 

Enhanced, upgraded, evolved

POSTEK has always been dedicated to quality, and we hold our standard even higher when it comes to printout quality. To meet our obsession for perfection, we created HEAT™ (Heating Equilibrium Adaptive Tuning), an innovative heating algorithm that revolutionized the printing process. Aming at improving consumer experience forever, HEAT has shaken up the industry by setting new standards and trajectories for others to follow.

Breaking bounds of possibility

It has been considered as a technical barrierwithin the industry that printing rotated barcode at a size of less than 1mm is impossible even with the top of the line 600 dpi machines. Since the gap between the strips are so minuscular, it is nearly impossible to print the barcode without heat residue, which makes the barcodes unreadable. That has been the case ever since the creation of barcode label printers, until now.

Extended life span, extended warranty

As HEAT™ provides control to finer details of the printing process, we now have control over residual heat that is detrimental to the printhead’s life. Able to achieve up to 30% better heating efficiency, we significantly increase the working life span of the printhead without any modification to hardware.

In fact, we are so certain of HEAT™’s abilities, thus extending the printhead warranty upon all POSTEK label printers with HEAT™ applied. It’s not only a showcase of confidents in our technologies, bust also a tangible promise to our consumers.

The underlying thermodynamic principle of thermal conduction printing might appear straight forward at first glance, however, the actual implementation involves a wide range of engineering fields. The creation of HEAT™ called upon expertise in varies industries. Up next, we shall examine how HEAT™ revolutionized the label printer industry.

Comprehensive analysis, no detail too small

HEAT™ algorithm is achieved through a detailed consideration of every factor during the printing process:

1. The power management unit has been reworked from the ground up to prevent any negative impact that overloading or underloading might have upon the printout quality.

2. The ambient temperature data is collected constantly so the precise amount of heating can be calculated based on the environment. Amount of residue heat are constantly calculated during printing, to increase the printing efficiency and also grant better control of the heating process.

3. The effect heating elements will have upon each other on a micrometer scale are calculated in real time, providing accurate offset to maximize the amount of control over the printhead.

Dynamic solution to a dynamic problem

Just like the printing process, HEAT™ is dynamic. Calculations and adjustments are being made in real time during the printing process. Capable of intelligent control of the printer on a micro-second scale, the HEAT algorithm elevates the printout quality to a new height previously thought to be impossible.

Editor’s note

The constant strive for perfection

Over the past 21 years, POSTEK has shown its dedication to label|RFID printers. To become the leader of the industry, POSTEK needs the support of its customers, the community, and most importantly, a group of researcher and developers who devoted their passion and countless hours in search for the better consumer experience. Their unrelenting quest for perfection has led POSTEK to set new industry standards time after time. Once again, they shaked the industry with the new HEAT algorithm.

As technologies continues to grow, thermal transfer printing is growing exponentially as a high quality, economical and environmentally friendly solution to the demand for labeling. As one of the first companies to adopt thermal transfer printing, POSTEK has always placing heavy emphasis on its development. With the latest addition of HEAT™, thermal transfer printing reaches the next step in its evolution, setting new trajectories and goals for the industry to follow. We look forward to seeing more innovative technologies from POSTEK, and we look forward to knowing how their dedication to consumer experience will shape the industry in future .

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