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Company History

    In 1998

    Postek is founded and incorporated in Shenzhen, China.
    It quickly establishes itself as a leading high-tech venture
    with exceptional capabilities in the development of barcode printers.
    During the ensuing years, 
    Postek focuses on technical research in 
    the area of Auto ID and barcode application extensions
    through various awarded application projects.





    In 2002

    The "Postek Barcode Printer Development Project"

    officially commences.

    This is a significant evolution for Postek,

    and is also a turning point in

    the domestic Chinese barcode manufacturing industry.





    In 2003

    Postek's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility comes on-line,
    and strictly adheres to ISO 9001:2000
    Quality Management System standards,
    as well as the China Compulsory Certification standards. 





    In 2004

    The Postek G Series barcode printer 
    is launched in China and is soon awarded
    "Best Product 
    of the Year 2004" by AIM China,
    the only thermal transfer / direct thermal printer to be so 





    In 2005

    Postek G Series is designated "National Key New Product" 
    by The Ministry of Science and Technology
    of the People's Republic of China.
    Postek follows-up this key event by 
    introducing the G Series
    to the international markets of South Asia.





    In 2006

    Postek T Series is officially released to the market.
    Postek Electronics expands its 
    international markets
    in Italy, Iran, Algiers and South Africa.





    In 2007

    Postek C168, Postek’s first compact model,
    is officially released to the market positioning 
    to offer solutions for a variety of business requirements.
    Postek Electronics
     continues its international expansion
    through the inclusion of India.





    In 2008

    Postek's high end industrial grade barcode printer, the TX,
    is officially released to the market. 

    Standard Chartered Bank announces Postek as recipient of
    "Most Innovative Enterprise 
    Award" in "A Legend of the Future
    – China's Leading Enterprises of Tomorrow" honors.






    In 2009

    Postek is awarded "High Technology Enterprises"
    by the China Ministry of Science and 





    In 2010

    Postek Technologies Inc. opens headquarters in Orlando,
    Florida to provide sales, marketing, 

    promotions and technical support to the Americas.
    In the year’s 1st quarter, the industrial I 
    Series is released.  
    Later that year, Postek launched the V6,
    which quickly became popular 
    as a portable model
    offering both thermal transfer and thermal direct printing
    for dynamic 
    flexibility, convenience, and long lasting labels.






    In 2011

    In May 2011 Postek released its second compact model,
    the Q8 Series, offering an attractive 

    and small-footprint office/retail solution
    without compromising on features or durability. 

    Postek Technologies further expanded
    by solidifying a new distributor with reach
    throughout the 
    Caribbean and South America markets.





    In 2012

    Postek Asia-Pacific moves its headquarters
    to the Nanshan District of Shenzhen,
    continued company growth
    and facilitating a more interactive work space.





    In 2013

    Postek invests in building its brand and is awarded
    "Guangdong Famous Trade
    by Guangdong Province Administration For Industry & Commerce
    and "Shenzhen Top  
    Brand" by Federation Of Shenzhen Industries.





    In 2014

    As one of the outstanding achievements of
    automatic identification and radio frequency technology ,
    Postek RFID label printer,
    which has already secured four National Patents received recognition from authority again in IOT application
    and was awarded “High Quality Product” on CHTF 2014.






    In 2015

    POSTEK is a Chinese enterprise with its own brand, the leader in

    RFID printers and the bellwether in the AIDC industry.
    Being the only enterprise with proprietary product under its brand in Shenzhen, combined with strong technological background

    and a dedication for innovation.

    POSTEK was awarded for its exceptional craftsmanship during the

    fourth Annual Innovation Ceremony SME Ceremony in Shenzhen.






    In 2016

    POSTEK RFID label printers had the honor of receiving

    “Innovative RFID Product” given by Star of IOT as a testament

    to our desire to create the world that never was.

    POSTEK RFID label printers had the honor of receiving

    “Innovative RFID Product” given by Star of IOT as a testament

    to our desire to create the world that never was

    and our strive for excellence.






    In 2017

    Certified with Intellectual Property Management System Certification

    to aid our process of innovation.

    We have always had the belief of a brand

    being merely a carrier of the product,

    and the product is the condensation of months

    upon years of hard work and dedication. 



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