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PosLabel Express

PosLabel Express


  • Easily create barcode labels in minutes.
  • Use Microsoft Excel as a simple database and spend less time designing and maintaining label formats.
  • Print to any type of printer.
  • Powerful suite of companion applications.
  • Meet basic labeling needs.
  • Overview

PosLabel Express, a customized barcode design software for Postek thermal barcode printer, provided by Euro Plus, the developers of the family of NiceLabel products.

PosLabel Express provides a better software solution for Postek with features supporting multi languages, auto-installation, a wider range of barcode symbologies, and label creation wizards. It has the advantages of user-friendly label creation wizards, true shortcuts to fast and easy label creation. Easy to use label design tools are available to add and edit text, bar code, pictures, and shapes. The software additionally supports prompted fields, serialization, date/time stamps and all standard bar code types. Additionally, database connection is supported, a database wizard walks users through extracting data from Excel or ASCII text files.


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